The Titus Adventure

The Titus Adventure

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Isle of Palms

My mom usually only has one Saturday off a month and for July we were planning on going to visit the Biltmore.  I've never been before and was so excited to go, but when I told my midwife about it she seemed a little hesitant.  It was pretty close to my due date and is 3 hours away.  She kinda advised not going, a huge bummer to me!  But I was thinking Max was coming early anyway, so I understood.  Although now, since I haven't had Max yet, I'm bummed we didn't get to go.  But since I know we're moving to Greenville in 6 months, we'll have lots of opportunities to go in the future.  Anyways, we still wanted to do something so we decided to go to the beach instead.  Charleston is only an hour and a half away so I figured that was close enough in case I went into labor and had to rush home.  I didn't really think about it being a Saturday, which would mean it was busier, and when we walked out onto the beach and saw the massive crowds it was a little shocking.  I've lived in SC since I was 6 so you can only imagine how many beach trips I've taken since that time...and let me tell you, I have never ever seen a beach so crowded!  I could barely see the sand!  And don't even get me started on the mass amounts of people in the water.  It was crazy.  But we had driven down there and were gonna enjoy it!  

It was still way fun.  I just love the beach, no matter what!  We saw a family leaving and quickly snagged their spot, right in front.  So I kinda forgot how many people were behind us, although we had a nice view of the crowded waters.  We threw out the sand toys for the girls, set up our chairs and blanket and got comfortable.  The girls loved the water, well let me be specific, Kate loved the water.  And loved might not be a strong enough word, haha.  She adores the water!  Runs right into the waves.  Just like our last beach trip, Jane is a little more hesitant, but still goes out there, holding tightly onto my hand.  Kate will hold my hand as well, but immediately lifts up her legs and lets the waves pull her around, giggling up a storm the whole time.  The girls play really nicely together in the sand so I was able to read my book some and chat with my parents.  We also brought lots of yummy foods.  The night before my mom and I made chocolate chip cookies and pretzels to take with us, along with sandwiches, chips, drinks, and lots of fruit.  It was a pretty cloudy day, on the way down I was worried it was going to be raining my the time we got there, but it never rained a drop and the clouds made the temperature perfect.  We didn't even need the beach umbrella.  It was such a great day!

The tide was going out towards the end of the day, which I was sad about because that's when the pools of water show up, and the girls just love sitting and playing in them.  But by that point it was close to 5 and we needed to clean up, change clothes and find some dinner.  It takes forever to get the girls showered off and changed in clean clothes, but eventually we were all loaded back up in the car and looking for some dinner.  We found a local pizza place that had good reviews so we decided to try it out.  It ended up being super good!  After eating every piece of pizza, leaving ourselves nice and stuffed, w got back in the car and headed home.  Luckily both girls fell asleep on the way this time so I dozed a little bit too.  We got home close to 9:30 and had Morgan waiting on us.  After unpacking and putting the girls down for bed, I showered and washed my hair and put on fresh, clean clothes, then crawled in bed, snuggled with Morgan and fell asleep.  There is nothing like falling asleep after such a fun busy day at the beach!

 Kate has cute tiny curls

 Jane trying to bury herself in the sand
 Mom and Dad!

 What's that look for Kate??

 Gross.  Kate literally ate so much sand she was pooping sand for days.  Days I tell you!

 Clean tongue, which meant she straight swallowed all that sand
 If I was sitting down and Kate started running into the waves, Jane would run after her, take her hand and lead her back to our spots.  So sweet :)
 Determinedly marching into the water.  

 Baba took Kate out in the water and Jane came running saying, "wait me, wait me!"
 Baba decided to hold Kate's hand...
 So then she lifted up her legs and just hung on, haha

 And smash!  A wave crashed right into her, haha.  She loved it though!

 Baba feeding the little birds.  Do you see the massive crowd in the background

 Kate you're holding your racket the wrong way...
 All clean ready to find some dinner

Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby Shower!

Natalie and Angela threw me a baby shower here in South Carolina!  It was so much fun and just full of baby boy stuff.  There were boy things everywhere, it was adorable!  Both Natalie and Angela have only boys so they had a plethora of blue boy things.  There were blue tissue paper poof balls all around and blue quits on the couches and a shelf full of boy things and a clothes line full of baby boy clothes from Angela.  It was so cute!  I'm so excited to have some boy things around our girly, pink house, haha!

We came in and just visited while eating some delicious snacks.  We played some games which were so fun-none I've ever played at a baby shower before.  A Mad Lib game that was all about baby Max and then a boy scattergories game.  Both were sooo creative and really funny!  We laughed a lot!  After all that fun I opened presents.  I got some new born diapers and more clothes which were still much needed.  My mom got me a new bath mesh seat thing to bath him in, and it's ten times better than what I had.  Can't wait to use it. :)  Then we just hung out and chatted till everyone left.  As party favors they gave out different kinds of blue hand sanitizer-such a good idea.  Everything was just perfect!  And then as I was leaving they handed me thank you cards with the envelopes pre-addressed and pre-stamped along with the list of who got me what so all I had to do was sit and write the card, then stick it in the mailbox.  Such a good idea!  I'm terrible at thank you cards, so this was wonderful for me!  What a fantastic morning showering my sweet baby boy :)

 Blue balloons on the mailbox
 Angela made us these letters that spell Max for his room!  Can't wait to put them up!

 So boyish!

 Bubble bath! :) It was delicious. 

 I don't have a picture of everyone who was there, but this is of just the family. 
 Me and my mom!
 Reading the mad libs

 This was soo fun!
 Present time
 Jennifer is so much fun! I don't remember what we were laughing about here, but it must have been pretty funny. 

 Everyone that came put there thumb print.  Here are a few!

Natalie and Angela!!